Peter Scannell


National Championship

Regatta list

YearNameBoatHelmsmanCrewPlace (of)
2023World Championship8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea31 (59)
2023Pre-Worlds & North American Championship8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea34 (60)
2023East Coast Championship8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea4 (26)
2023Canadian Championship8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea3 (19)
2023Newport Regatta8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea4 (11)
2023Wickford Regatta8987Peter Scannell10 (14)
2023Midwinter Championship8987Peter ScannellTed Huebner3 (18)
2022Pre-Worlds8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea36 (70)
2022World Championship8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea39 (76)
2022Sakonnet 505 Regatta8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea8 (9)
2022Wickford Regatta8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea4 (9)
2022WRSC Spring Regatta8883Peter ScannellMichael Renda4 (10)
2022North American Championship8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea14 (33)
2022Midwinters8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea9 (26)
2021Carl Miller Regatta8987Peter Scannell16 (15)
2021North American Championship8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea11 (31)
2021CORK Fall Regatta & 505 Canadian championships8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea3 (12)
2021Buzzards Bay Regatta8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea6 (13)
2021505 Sakonnet Open8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea3 (7)
2021Wickford Regatta8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea5 (9)
2021East Coast Championship8987Peter Scannell13 (12)
2020Newport Dinghy Regatta8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea1 (8)
2020Midwinter Championship8987Peter ScannellBarry Canton6 (16)
2019North American Championship8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea17 (39)
2019East Coast Championship & Buzzards Bay Regatta8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea2 (13)
2019Wickford Regatta8987Peter ScannellRuss Miller3 (11)
2019Newport Regatta8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea1 (9)
2019Midwinter Championship8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea4 (17)
2018East Coast Championship & Pumpkin Patch Regatta8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea4 (24)
2018CORK Fall Regatta8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea7 (13)
2018Eastern Canadian Championship8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea7 (13)
2018Wickford Regatta8987Peter ScannellCharles Dwyer4 (12)
2018Florida Midwinter8018Peter ScannellAndrew Forman3 (9)
2017World Championship8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea34 (87)
2017East Coast Championship8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea6 (23)
2017Canadian Championship8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea1 (9)
2017Newport Regatta8987Peter Scannell6 (7)
2017North American Championship8987Peter ScannellTom Hurwitch18 (25)
2016Heineken High Performance Dinghy Open8987Peter Scannell7 (11)
2016Region One Championship8987Peter Scannell7 (11)
2016East Coast Championship8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea21 (34)
2016Newport Regatta8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea4 (11)
2016North American Championship8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea23 (49)
2015Heineken High Performance Dinghy Open8987Peter Scannell3 (14)
2015North American Championship8987Peter ScannellPatrick O'Bryan23 (33)
2015Wickford Regatta8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea4 (11)
2015Spring Series8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea6 (12)
2015West River Sailing Club8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea5 (7)
2014East Coast Championship8883Peter ScannellMichael Renda23 (32)
2013Heineken High Performance Dinghy Open8919Peter ScannellBryan Richardson8 (14)
2012East Coast Championship7773Duane DelfossePeter Scannell16 (21)
2012Wickford Regatta8441Peter ScannellOlav Schluter2 (8)
2009European Championship8514Peter ScannellPal O’Sullivan47 (100)
2009EuroCup Ranking8514Peter ScannellPal O’Sullivan109 (161)
2008World Championship8514Peter ScannellPal O’Sullivan59 (123)
2008European Championship8514Peter ScannellPal O’Sullivan57 (69)
2008Pre-Worlds & EuroCup Finale8514Peter ScannellPal O’Sullivan57 (69)
2008UK National Championship8514Peter ScannellPal O’Sullivan17 (40)
2008Irish Nationals and British Isles Championship8514Peter ScannellPal O’Sullivan7 (23)
2008EuroCup Ranking8514Peter ScannellPal O’Sullivan119 (130)
2007UK National Championship8514Peter ScannellRob O'Reilly11 (30)
2007Lo Flo 5o5 April League8231Peter ScannellRonan Kenneally4 (6)
2006Irish Nationals and British Isles Championship8309Peter ScannellJoe Bruen7 (12)
2002Irish Open8269Peter ScannellMark O'Donovan3 (15)