Charles Dwyer


National Championship

Regatta list

YearNameBoatHelmsmanCrewPlace (of)
2024Euro Cup – Blue Garden Riva Cup9238Ian PinnellCharles Dwyer8 (41)
2024Euro Cup – Saint Raphaël9238Ian PinnellCharles Dwyer5 (31)
2023European Championship9210Michael QuirkCharles Dwyer5 (72)
2023Euro Cup – Riva del Garda9210Michael QuirkCharles Dwyer11 (38)
2023Euro Cup – Saint Raphaël9210Michael QuirkCharles Dwyer5 (33)
2022Pre-Worlds9039Ewen BarryCharles Dwyer16 (70)
2022World Championship9039Ewen BarryCharles Dwyer12 (76)
2022Championnat de France9134Michael QuirkCharles Dwyer2 (32)
2022UK National Championship9238Ian PinnellCharles Dwyer5 (20)
2018Wickford Regatta8987Peter ScannellCharles Dwyer4 (12)
2011Pre-Worlds9032Ian PinnellCharles Dwyer11 (78)
2011World Championship9032Ian PinnellCharles Dwyer8 (85)
2010Irish Nationals and British Isles Championship8961Charles DwyerConor Kelly2 (12)
2010UK National Championship8961Ewen BarryCharles Dwyer3 (46)
2010Euro Cup – Riva del Garda8961Ewen BarryCharles Dwyer6 (57)
2010EuroCup Ranking8961Ewen BarryCharles Dwyer75 (203)
2009UK National Championship8961Alex BarryCharles Dwyer3 (36)
2009Euro Cup – Riva del Garda8961Ewen BarryCharles Dwyer12 (50)
2009Saint Raphaël8961Ewen BarryCharles Dwyer8 (66)
2009EuroCup Ranking8961Ewen BarryCharles Dwyer26 (161)
2008World Championship8961Ewen BarryCharles Dwyer37 (123)
2008European Championship8961Ewen BarryCharles Dwyer10 (69)
2008Pre-Worlds & EuroCup Finale8961Ewen BarryCharles Dwyer10 (69)
2008UK National Championship8961Ewen BarryCharles Dwyer4 (40)
2008Irish Nationals and British Isles Championship8961Ewen BarryCharles Dwyer1 (23)
2008Young Europeans Sailing8961Charles DwyerEwen Barry10 (24)
2008Wittensee Fight8961Ewen BarryCharles Dwyer1 (15)
2008EuroCup Ranking8961Ewen BarryCharles Dwyer54 (130)
2007Irish Nationals and British Isles Championship8408Ewen BarryCharles Dwyer4 (6)
2007UK National Championship8408Ewen BarryCharles Dwyer13 (30)
2007Lo Flo 5o5 April League8408Ewen BarryCharles Dwyer1 (6)
2006Irish Nationals and British Isles Championship8408Ewen BarryCharles Dwyer3 (12)
2006World Championship8408Ewen BarryCharles Dwyer71 (113)
2006Pre-Worlds & UK National Championship8408Ewen BarryCharles Dwyer64 (76)
2003Club Championship MBSC7973Ronan KenneallyCharles Dwyer1 (8)