Boat details

Year of building1989
Hull manufacturer
  • Paul Towers
  • Chris Hughes
  • Michael M’Donnell
  • Tim O’ Connor & Colin Barry
  • Regatta list

    YearNameHelmsmanCrewPlace (of)
    2008Summer SeriesMatt Schoene4 (6)
    2008Irish Nationals and British Isles ChampionshipJames O’BrienWilliam O'Brien20 (23)
    2003Club Championship MBSCColin BarryMichael Mc Donnell5 (8)
    2003Spring LeagueColin BarryMichael Mc Donnell4 (10)
    2002Irish OpenPeter ScannellMark O'Donovan3 (15)
    2001World ChampionshipMichael M’DonnellBrendan O'Rielly102 (105)
    1995World ChampionshipMcGeorgeForgie69 (106)
    1993World ChampionshipPaul TowersAlistair Danis15 (90)
    1992UK National ChampionshipPaul TowersSteve Todd18 (95)
    1992European ChampionshipPaul TowersSteve Todd17 (44)
    1991World ChampionshipPaul TowersWhite28 (83)
    1990UK National ChampionshipPaul Towers1 (87)
    1989World ChampionshipPaul TowersNigel Dixon63 (90)