first epoxy carbon Rondar

Boat details

Year of building1993
Hull manufacturer
Hull materialepoxy/carbon
  • Andrew Fitzgerald
  • Ben Jones
  • Peter Scannell
  • Benjamin Iliffe
  • Regatta list

    YearNameHelmsmanCrewPlace (of)
    2022Ovington Inland ChampionshipRichard Nurse9 (11)
    2022Fireball Inlands & 505 OpenMichael SimsRichard Nurse6 (8)
    2019Hayling IslandRichard NurseReggie Nurse28 (28)
    2018Hayling IslandMatt RhodesRichard Nurse23 (28)
    2018Ovington InlandsAdam KenneyBenjamin Iliffe9 (9)
    2017Ovington InlandsToby Barsley-DaleRichard Nurse7 (14)
    2016Coupe des vrais bateauxBenjamin IliffeRichard Nurse6 (28)
    2016World ChampionshipBenjamin IliffeRichard Nurse54 (130)
    2016Pre-Worlds & UK National ChampionshipBenjamin IliffeRichard Nurse67 (99)
    2015UK National ChampionshipBenjamin IliffeRichard Nurse11 (33)
    2015European ChampionshipBenjamin IliffeRichard Nurse29 (101)
    2015505 OpenBen HillsRichard Nurse5 (9)
    2009European ChampionshipPeter ScannellPal O’Sullivan47 (100)
    2009EuroCup RankingPeter ScannellPal O’Sullivan109 (161)
    2008European ChampionshipPeter ScannellPal O’Sullivan57 (69)
    2008World ChampionshipPeter ScannellPal O’Sullivan59 (123)
    2008Irish Nationals and British Isles ChampionshipPeter ScannellPal O’Sullivan7 (23)
    2008EuroCup RankingPeter ScannellPal O’Sullivan119 (130)
    2008UK National ChampionshipPeter ScannellPal O’Sullivan17 (40)
    2007UK National ChampionshipPeter ScannellRob O'Reilly11 (30)
    2006Pre-Worlds & UK National ChampionshipBen JonesDavid Thorpe70 (76)
    2006World ChampionshipBen JonesDavid Thorpe88 (113)
    2005UK National ChampionshipBen JonesDavid Thorpe13 (25)
    2005Open MeetingBen JonesDavid Thorpe8 (13)
    2004Open meetingBen JonesDavid Thorpe7 (8)
    2004UK National ChampionshipBen JonesDavid Thorpe17 (46)
    2002Hayling IslandAnn LaneAlex Cull17 (24)
    2001South East ChampionshipAnn LaneAndrew Draper21 (21)
    1999World ChampionshipAndrew FitzgeraldTim Rains119 (157)
    1999Inland ChampionshipAndrew FitzgeraldTim Rains0 (40)
    1998UK National ChampionshipAndrew FitzgeraldTim Rains39 (39)
    1998Felixstowe FerryAndrew FitzgeraldTim Fitzgerald5 (8)