Macy Nelson


Continental Championship
National Championship

Regatta list

YearNameBoatHelmsmanCrewPlace (of)
2023World Championship9095Macy NelsonNate Barton30 (59)
2023Pre-Worlds & North American Championship9095Macy NelsonNate Barton29 (60)
2023East Coast Championship9095Macy NelsonNate Barton6 (26)
2023Wickford Regatta9095Macy Nelson7 (14)
2023West River Spring9095Macy NelsonNate Barton6 (14)
2023Midwinter Championship9095Macy NelsonNate Barton7 (18)
2022Carl Miller Regatta9095Macy NelsonNate Barton1 (12)
2022East Coast Championship9095Macy NelsonNate Barton3 (16)
2022WRSC Spring Regatta9095Macy Nelson5 (10)
2022North American Championship9095Macy Nelson31 (33)
2021North American Championship9095Macy NelsonRussell Miller13 (31)
2021East Coast Championship9095Macy Nelson13 (12)
2020Carl Miller Regatta9095Macy Nelson5 (7)
2020Midwinter Championship9095Macy NelsonRussell Miller2 (16)
2019Fall Series9095Macy NelsonRussell Miller2 (8)
2019North American Championship9095Macy NelsonEric Schwab11 (39)
2019East Coast Championship & Buzzards Bay Regatta9095Macy NelsonEric Schwab4 (13)
2019Kings of the River9095Nick NelsonMacy Nelson2 (12)
2019Midwinter Championship9095Macy NelsonRussell Miller7 (17)
2018East Coast Championship & Pumpkin Patch Regatta9095Macy NelsonRussell Miller5 (24)
2018North American Championship9095Macy NelsonRussell Miller9 (24)
2018Wickford Regatta9095Macy NelsonRussell Miller5 (12)
2018Florida Midwinter9095Macy NelsonRussell Miller1 (9)
2017World Championship9095Macy NelsonRussell Miller24 (87)
2017East Coast Championship9095Macy NelsonRussell Miller4 (23)
2017Summer Series9095Macy NelsonRussell Miller3 (8)
2017North American Championship9095Macy NelsonRussell Miller11 (25)
2016East Coast Championship9095Macy NelsonPat Diola13 (34)
2016Pre-Worlds & UK National Championship9095Macy NelsonEric Anderson19 (99)
2016World Championship9095Macy NelsonEric Anderson36 (130)
2016North American Championship9095Macy NelsonEric Anderson14 (49)
2016Spring Series90951Macy NelsonEric unknown last name2 (10)
2016Florida Midwinter9095Macy NelsonEric Anderson6 (12)
2015East Coast Championship9095Macy NelsonZack Marks5 (10)
2015North American Championship9095Macy NelsonEric Anderson12 (33)
2015Buzzards Bay Regatta9095Macy Nelson3 (11)
2015Spring Series9095Macy NelsonEric Anderson1 (12)
2015West River Sailing Club9095Macy NelsonKelsey Averill6 (7)
2015Midwinter Championship9095Macy NelsonReeve Dunne8 (14)
2014East Coast Championship9095Macy NelsonParry Barclay6 (32)
2014Pre-Worlds9095Macy NelsonParry Barclay44 (85)
2014World Championship9095Macy NelsonParry Barclay24 (161)
2014North American Championship9095Macy NelsonReeve Dunne13 (40)
2014Midwinter Championship9095Macy NelsonParry Barclay8 (18)
2013Plane Insane8722Macy Nelson1 (7)
2013North American Championship9095Macy NelsonZach Marks10 (27)
2013Summer Series9095Macy Nelson2 (7)
2013World Championship9095Macy NelsonJesse Falsone26 (77)
2013Midwinter Championship0Macy NelsonJesse Falsone7 (0)
2012Plane Insane8722Jesse FalsoneMacy Nelson3 (14)
2012World Championship8722Macy NelsonParry Barclay22 (188)
2012Pre-Worlds & French Nationals8722Macy NelsonParry Barclay15 (118)
2012East Coast Championship8722Macy NelsonParry Barclay6 (21)
2012Midwinter Championship8722Macy NelsonParry Barclay5 (13)
2011North American Championship8722Macy NelsonParry Barclay9 (32)
2011Heineken High Performance Dinghy Open8722Macy Nelson5 (25)
2011Buzzards Bay Regatta8722Macy Nelson4 (16)
2011East Coast Championship8722Macy NelsonParry Barclay4 (16)
2010Plane Insane8722Macy NelsonParry Barclay2 (7)
2010World Championship8722Macy NelsonParry Barclay26 (125)
2010Pre-Worlds8722Macy NelsonParry Barclay18 (77)
2010Spring Series8722Macy Nelson2 (10)
2010EuroCup Ranking8772Macy NelsonParry Barclay97 (203)
2009Plane Insane8722Macy Nelson1 (10)
2009World Championship8722Macy NelsonParry Barclay31 (98)
2009Pre-Worlds8722Macy NelsonParry Barclay20 (69)
2009East Coast Championship8722Macy NelsonParry Barclay4 (20)
2008East Coast Championship8660Macy NelsonParry Barclay3 (22)
2008Canadian Championship8722Macy NelsonParry Barclay2 (15)
2007North American Championship8722Macy NelsonStephen Adolph14 (30)
2007CORK – Regatta8442Macy NelsonStephen Adolph2 (6)
2006World Championship8722Macy NelsonDustin Romey29 (113)
2006Pre-Worlds & UK National Championship8722Macy NelsonDustin Romey17 (76)
2005East Coast Championship8722Macy Nelson4 (33)
2005North American Championship8722Macy NelsonHyrniewicz7 (37)
2004Acors Thompson8722Macy Nelson5 (13)
2004World Championship8722Macy NelsonSchelter34 (102)
2004Pre-Worlds8722Macy NelsonJesse Falsone39 (80)
2003World Championship8722Macy NelsonNick Nelson21 (81)
2003Pre-Worlds8722Macy NelsonNick Nelson12 (66)
2002Pre-Worlds8722Macy NelsonJesse Falsone11 (93)
2002World Championship8722Macy NelsonJesse Falsone16 (98)
2002Eastern Canadian Championship8722Macy NelsonJesse Falsone4 (16)
2001Fall Series7873Macy Nelson7 (8)
2001North American Championship8722Macy NelsonJesse Falsone3 (35)
2001Invitational Regatta8024Steve SchnelkerMacy Nelson7 (13)
2001East Coast Championship8722Macy NelsonJesse Falsone10 (27)
2001Hampton Trapeze8722Macy NelsonAlan Freedman2 (7)
2001West River Spring8722Macy NelsonJesse Falsone2 (8)
2001SSA Spring I8722Macy NelsonLatane Montague8 (10)
2000World Championship8722Macy NelsonMichael Welch19 (61)
2000East Coast Championship8722Macy NelsonMichael Welch7 (24)
2000North American Championship8722Macy NelsonMichael Welch11 (45)
2000New England Championship8722Macy NelsonMichael Welch5 (14)
2000SSA Dinghy Invitational8722Macy Nelson4 (5)
2000Bristol Spring8722Macy NelsonMichael Welch3 (12)
2000Spring Bow II8722Macy NelsonNick Nelson7 (12)
2000West River Spring8722Macy NelsonMichael Welch3 (8)
2000Midwinter Championship8722Macy NelsonPeter Alarie4 (16)
1999East Coast Championship8722Macy NelsonArt Gleason7 (26)
1999Mid-Atlantic Championship8722Macy NelsonArt Gleason6 (13)
1999Canadian Olympic Regatta8191Macy NelsonNick Nelson14 (20)
1999New England Championship8722Macy NelsonArt Gleason4 (15)
1999North American Championship8722Macy NelsonArt Gleason6 (14)
1999WRSC Spring0Macy NelsonArt Gleason3 (12)
1999Florida Midwinter8191Macy NelsonPeter Alarie2 (15)
1998World Championship8191Macy NelsonGeoff Ewenson30 (106)
1998North American Championship8191Macy Nelson36 (89)
1998East Coast Championship8191Macy NelsonGeoff Ewenson7 (26)
1998Canadian Championship8191Macy NelsonCrane10 (33)
1998West River MidAtlantics8191Macy NelsonAlan Freedman3 (9)
1998West River Spring8191Macy NelsonMonty Schumpert4 (10)
1998Midwinter Championship8191Macy NelsonMark Mendelblatt6 (32)
1997Pumpkin Patch Regatta0Macy NelsonNick Nelson/Allan Freedman4 (10)
1997Karl Miller Regatta0Macy Nelson3 (13)
1997Mid-Atlantic Championship8015Macy NelsonMonty Schumpert3 (13)
1997World Championship8191Macy NelsonMike Mills18 (79)
1997Pre-Worlds & Danish Championship8191Macy NelsonMike Mills14 (70)
1997East Coast Championship8191Macy NelsonMark Mendelblatt3 (23)
1997Mid-Atlantic Regional Regatta8191Macy NelsonMike Mills6 (8)
1997WRSC Spring Regatta8191Macy NelsonJohn Fry2 (13)
1997Florida Midwinters8191Macy NelsonJohn Fry4 (23)
1996Carl Miller Regatta8191Macy NelsonTom Russell3 (12)
1996North American Championship8191Macy NelsonMark Mendelblatt14 (34)
1996East Coast Championship8191Macy NelsonJohn Fry4 (28)
1996West River Mid-Atlantic Regatta8191Macy NelsonSterg Papadakis / Peter McChesney3 (13)
1996Hampton Trapeze8191Macy NelsonJesse Falsone5 (0)
1996WRSC Spring Regatta8191Macy NelsonCollin4 (12)
1996Midwinter Championship8191Macy NelsonLarry Tuttle6 (20)
1995East Coast Championship8191Macy NelsonPeter Alarie1 (23)
1995Carl Miller Regatta8191Macy NelsonNick Nelson6 (6)
1995World Championship8191Macy NelsonPeter Alarie14 (106)
1994Canadian Championship8191Macy NelsonPeter Alarie3 (10)
1994North American Championship8191Macy NelsonPeter Alarie1 (35)
1993North American Championship8191Macy NelsonPeter Alarie1 (31)
1992World Championship8191Macy NelsonJohn Fry15 (78)
1991East Coast Championship8191Macy NelsonJohn Fry3 (15)
1990World Championship8191Macy NelsonJohn Fry19 (76)
1988World Championship8015Macy NelsonJohn Fry40 (90)
1986World Championship7346Macy NelsonFrank Thompson55 (87)
1984World Championship7346Macy NelsonD. Skinner38 (90)
1982World Championship7346Macy NelsonJohn Fry13 (73)