Boat details

Year of building2012
Hull manufacturer
Hull materialCarbon/epoxy
  • Macy Nelson
  • Regatta list

    YearNameHelmsmanCrewPlace (of)
    2021Buzzards Bay RegattaMacy G NelsonRussell Miller3 (13)
    2021East Coast ChampionshipMacy Nelson13 (12)
    2021North American ChampionshipMacy NelsonRussell Miller13 (31)
    2021Carl Miller RegattaG. Nelson6 (15)
    2020Carl Miller RegattaMacy Nelson5 (7)
    2020Midwinter ChampionshipMacy NelsonRussell Miller2 (16)
    2019September SeriesNick NelsonAverill Kelsey6 (8)
    2019Region Two ChampionshipG. NelsonMacy Russel1 (14)
    2019North American ChampionshipMacy NelsonEric Schwab11 (39)
    2019Chesapeake Bay Open Distance RaceNick NelsonAverill Kelsey4 (8)
    2019Plane InsaneNick NelsonKelsey Averill4 (8)
    2019Fall SeriesNick NelsonAverill Kelsey6 (8)
    2019East Coast Championship & Buzzards Bay RegattaMacy NelsonEric Schwab4 (13)
    2019Midwinter ChampionshipMacy NelsonRussell Miller7 (17)
    2019Pumpkin Patch RegattaG. NelsonMacy Russel1 (14)
    2019WRSC Spring RegattaG. Nelson2 (12)
    2019Kings of the RiverNick NelsonMacy Nelson2 (12)
    2018Florida MidwinterMacy NelsonRussell Miller1 (9)
    2018Wickford RegattaMacy NelsonRussell Miller5 (12)
    2018Severn Sailing Association SpringRussell MillerSean Harr (Saturday) / Macy Nelson (Sunday)2 (6)
    2018East Coast Championship & Pumpkin Patch RegattaMacy NelsonRussell Miller5 (24)
    2018WRSC Spring RegattaG. Nelson1 (10)
    2018North American ChampionshipMacy NelsonRussell Miller9 (24)
    2017World ChampionshipMacy NelsonRussell Miller24 (87)
    2017North American ChampionshipMacy NelsonRussell Miller11 (25)
    2017East Coast ChampionshipMacy NelsonRussell Miller4 (23)
    2016Pre-Worlds & UK National ChampionshipMacy NelsonEric Anderson19 (99)
    2016East Coast ChampionshipMacy NelsonPat Diola13 (34)
    2016North American ChampionshipMacy NelsonEric Anderson14 (49)
    2016Florida MidwinterMacy NelsonEric Anderson6 (12)
    2016World ChampionshipMacy NelsonEric Anderson36 (130)
    2015SSA Spring SeriesMacy NelsonEric Anderson1 (12)
    2015Buzzards Bay RegattaMacy Nelson3 (11)
    2015Buzzards Bay RegattaCurtis Hartmann10 (11)
    2015North American ChampionshipMacy NelsonEric Anderson12 (33)
    2015West River Sailing ClubMacy NelsonKelsey Averill6 (7)
    2015East Coast ChampionshipMacy NelsonZack Marks5 (10)
    2015Midwinter ChampionshipMacy NelsonReeve Dunne8 (14)
    2014North American ChampionshipMacy NelsonReeve Dunne13 (40)
    2014East Coast ChampionshipMacy NelsonParry Barclay6 (32)
    2014Midwinter ChampionshipMacy NelsonParry Barclay8 (18)
    2014World ChampionshipMacy NelsonParry Barclay24 (161)
    2013North American ChampionshipMacy NelsonZach Marks10 (27)
    2013World ChampionshipMacy NelsonJesse Falsone26 (77)