Boat details

Year of building2003
Hull manufacturer
  • Andrew Buttner
  • Andy Herlihy
  • Regatta list

    YearNameHelmsmanCrewPlace (of)
    2024Midwinter ChampionshipNathaniel Plant9 (11)
    2023Midwinter ChampionshipNathaniel Plant10 (18)
    2022North American ChampionshipNathaniel PlantEric Mann25 (33)
    2022MidwintersNathaniel PlantEric Mann19 (26)
    2020Midwinter ChampionshipNathaniel Plant8 (16)
    2019Wickford RegattaNathaniel Plant9 (11)
    2019East Coast Championship & Buzzards Bay RegattaNathaniel Plant9 (13)
    2018East Coast Championship & Pumpkin Patch RegattaEric Anderson6 (24)
    2017Buzzards Bay RegattaAndrew Buttner2 (5)
    2017East Coast ChampionshipAndrew Buttner1 (23)
    2017North American ChampionshipMark ZagolAndrew Buttner7 (25)
    2017World ChampionshipAndrew ButtnerMark Zagol19 (87)
    2016Florida MidwinterMark ZagolAndrew Buttner1 (12)
    2016North American ChampionshipMark ZagolAndrew Buttner7 (49)
    2016Heineken High Performance Dinghy OpenAndrew Buttner2 (11)
    2016Region One ChampionshipAndrew Buttner2 (11)
    2016East Coast ChampionshipAndrew ButtnerJan Saugmann3 (34)
    2016Wickford RegattaMark Zagol9 (9)
    2015Midwinter ChampionshipMark ZagolAndrew Buttner6 (14)
    2015Buzzards Bay RegattaAndrew Buttner1 (11)
    2015North American ChampionshipAndrew ButtnerMark Zagol6 (33)
    2015Heineken High Performance Dinghy OpenAndrew Buttner1 (14)
    2015East Coast ChampionshipAugie DiazAndrew Buttner2 (10)
    2015Wickford RegattaTracy SmithTim Collins/Andrew Buttner1 (11)
    2014North American ChampionshipMark ZagolAndrew Buttner10 (40)
    2014Midwinter ChampionshipMark ZagolAndrew Buttner3 (18)
    2014Wickford RegattaAndrew ButtnerAndrew Buttner3 (11)
    2014Heineken High Performance Dinghy OpenAndrew Buttner1 (14)
    2014East Coast ChampionshipMark ZagolAndrew Buttner2 (32)
    2013World ChampionshipPohlPaul von Grey77 (77)
    2013Midwinter ChampionshipMark ZagolAndrew Buttner4 (0)
    2013Buzzards Bay RegattaAndrew Buttner3 (12)
    2013North American ChampionshipMark ZagolAndrew Buttner1 (27)
    2013World ChampionshipMark ZagolAndrew Buttner17 (77)
    2013Heineken High Performance Dinghy OpenMark ZagolAndrew Buttner9 (14)
    2012East Coast ChampionshipCraig ThompsonAndrew Buttner3 (21)
    2012Heineken High Performance Dinghy OpenAndrew Buttner2 (16)
    2012Plane InsaneMark ZagolAndrew Buttner2 (14)
    2012Eastern Canadian ChampionshipMark ZagolAndrew Buttner1 (8)
    2012World ChampionshipHolt CondonReeve Dunne49 (188)
    2012Wickford RegattaMark ZagolAndrew Buttner3 (8)
    2012Midwinter ChampionshipHoltAndrew Buttner1 (13)
    2011Plane InsaneBrian Richardson4 (4)
    2011Summer SeriesMichael Renda5 (7)
    2011Buzzards Bay RegattaAndrew Buttner2 (16)
    2011East Coast ChampionshipRamsay KeyAndrew Buttner2 (16)
    2011Heineken High Performance Dinghy OpenAndrew ButtnerRamsay Key8 (25)
    2011North American ChampionshipAndrew ButtnerRamsay Key5 (32)
    2010World ChampionshipRamsay KeyAndrew Buttner27 (125)
    2010North American ChampionshipRamsay KeyAndrew Buttner7 (23)
    2010EuroCup RankingRamsay KeyAndrew Buttner98 (203)
    2010Spring SeriesRamsay Key3 (10)
    2009North American ChampionshipRamsay KeyAndrew Buttner10 (32)
    2009Pre-WorldsRamsay KeyAndrew Buttner14 (69)
    2009World ChampionshipRamsay KeyAndrew Buttner44 (98)
    2008European ChampionshipRamsay KeyAndrew Buttner6 (69)
    2008Pre-Worlds & EuroCup FinaleRamsay KeyAndrew Buttner6 (69)
    2008World ChampionshipRamsay KeyAndrew Buttner22 (123)
    2008Canadian ChampionshipChris BehmAndrew Buttner1 (15)
    2007North American ChampionshipRamsay KeyAndrew Buttner7 (30)
    2007Canadian ChampionshipRamsay KeyAndrew Buttner2 (23)
    2006North American ChampionshipAndrew Buttner15 (27)
    2006Kings of the Bay RegattaRamsay KeyAndrew Buttner4 (17)
    2005North American ChampionshipHaganAndrew Buttner5 (37)
    2005East Coast ChampionshipTim Collins2 (33)
    2004Pre-WorldsKnut HerboldAndrew Buttner26 (80)
    2004East Coast ChampionshipAndy HerlihyAndrew Buttner6 (29)
    2004World ChampionshipAndy HerlihyAndrew Buttner35 (102)