Mike Holt

Regatta list

YearNameBoatHelmsmanCrewPlace (of)
2024Euro Cup – Saint Raphaël9266Mike HoltRob Woelfel1 (31)
2023World Championship9072Mike HoltCarl Smit3 (59)
2023Pre-Worlds & North American Championship9072Mike HoltCarl Smit6 (60)
2023Pacific Coast Championship9072Mike HoltAdam Wolnikowski3 (20)
2023Columbia Gorge One-Design Regatta9072Mike HoltDavid Shelton5 (18)
2023European Championship9072Mike HoltIan Mitchell6 (72)
2023June Regatta9072Mike HoltDavid Shelton4 (15)
2023Elvstrom Zellerbach9072Mike HoltCarl Smit4 (11)
2023Euro Cup – Riva del Garda9072Mike HoltCarl Smit2 (38)
2022Fall Dinghy9072Mike HoltRob Woelfel1 (11)
2022Pacific Coast Championship9072Mike HoltCarl Smit2 (26)
2022Pre-Worlds9072Mike HoltRob Woelfel3 (70)
2022World Championship9072Mike HoltRob Woelfel22 (76)
2022Spring Regatta9072Mike HoltRob Woelfel1 (12)
2022UK National Championship9072Mike HoltRob Woelfel1 (20)
2022Euro Cup – Riva del Garda9072Mike HoltRob Woelfel1 (34)
2022Elvstrom Zellerbach9072Mike HoltRob Woelfel1 (12)
2022Euro Cup – Saint Raphaël9072Mike HoltRob Woelfel2 (33)
2022Spring Dinghy9072Mike HoltRob Woelfel1 (10)
2022North American Championship9003Mike HoltRob Woelfel3 (33)
2022Midwinters9072Mike HoltRob Woelfel4 (26)
2021Carl Miller Regatta9072Mike Holt1 (15)
2021Fall Dinghy9072Mike HoltRob Woelfel1 (7)
2021North American Championship9003Mike HoltCarl Smit2 (31)
2021Pacific Coast Championship – Columbia Gorge One-Design Regatta9072Mike HoltRob Woelfel1 (10)
2021Santa Cruz Summer Regatta9072Mike Holt5 (13)
2021East Coast Championship9072Mike HoltCarl Smit1 (12)
2021Elvstrom Zellerbach9072Mike HoltStephen Bourdow4 (6)
2020Santa Cruz Fall Regatta9088Mike HoltRob Woelfel3 (7)
2020Not North Americans9088Mike HoltDon Smith4 (11)
2020Australian National Championships9202Mike HoltRob Woelfel1 (33)
2019Santa Cruz Fall Regatta9202Mike HoltRob Woelfel1 (6)
2019Hayling Island9072Mike HoltCarl Smit5 (28)
2019North American Championship9202Mike HoltCarl Smit3 (39)
2019Columbia Gorge One-Design Regatta9202Mike HoltKeahi Ho3 (19)
2019Santa Cruz Summer Open9202Mike HoltRob Woelfel2 (8)
2019Euro Cup – Riva del Garda9072Mike HoltCarl Smit1 (51)
2019World Championship9072Mike HoltCarl Smit2 (89)
2019Pre-Worlds9072Mike HoltCarl Smit2 (89)
2018Fall Dinghy9202Mike HoltRob Woelfel1 (7)
2018East Coast Championship & Pumpkin Patch Regatta8951Mike HoltCarl Smit1 (24)
2018Hayling Island9072Mike HoltCarl Smit3 (28)
2018Santa Cruz Regatta9202Mike HoltRob Woelfel3 (10)
2018North American Championship9202Mike HoltCarl Smit10 (24)
2018World Championship9072Mike HoltRob Woelfel2 (127)
2018Pre-Worlds9072Mike HoltRob Woelfel1 (129)
2018Championnat de France9072Mike HoltRob Woelfel5 (40)
2018Santa Cruz Summer Regatta907Mike Holt3 (9)
2018UK National Championship9072Mike HoltRob Woelfel1 (27)
2018Cannes9072Mike HoltRob Woelfel1 (38)
2018Australian National Championships9202Mike HoltRob Woelfel1 (40)
2017World Championship9072Mike HoltCarl Smit1 (87)
2017Pacific Coast Championship9072Mike Holt2 (21)
2017UK National Championship9072Mike HoltRob Woelfel1 (29)
2017Euro Cup – Riva del Garda9072Mike HoltCarl Smit1 (45)
2017Santa Cruz Regatta9115Mike Holt2 (6)
2017Dolphin Cup9115Mike HoltRob Woelfel2 (15)
2016October 5O5 – Santa Cruz Regatta9115Mike HoltRob Woelfel5 (9)
2016Pacific Coast Championship9115Mike HoltRob Woelfel3 (14)
2016East Coast Championship8708Carl SmitMike Holt2 (34)
2016Pre-Worlds & UK National Championship9072Mike HoltCarl Smit2 (99)
2016World Championship9072Mike HoltCarl Smit2 (130)
2016North American Championship9115Mike HoltCarl Smit5 (49)
2016Santa Cruz Regatta9115Mike HoltRob Woelfel3 (9)
2016Hyères9072Mike HoltCarl Smit1 (50)
2016Australian National Championships9115Mike HoltRob Woelfel2 (30)
2015North American Championship9115Mike HoltCarl Smit3 (33)
2015UK National Championship9072Mike HoltRob Woelfel1 (33)
2015Pacific Coast Championship9115Mike HoltRob Woelfel2 (17)
2015World Championship9072Mike HoltCarl Smit1 (36)
2015Pre-Worlds9072Mike HoltCarl Smit1 (33)
2015Spring Dinghy9115Mike Holt1 (12)
2015Midwinter Championship8838Mike HoltCarl Smit7 (14)
2014World Championship9072Mike HoltRob Woelfel1 (161)
2014Pre-Worlds9072Mike HoltRob Woelfel3 (85)
2014UK National Championship9072Mike HoltRob Woelfel1 (22)
2014Kieler Woche9072Mike HoltRob Woelfel3 (62)
2014North American Championship9115Mike HoltCarl Smit3 (40)
2014Saint Raphaël9072Mike HoltDavid Shelton5 (49)
2014Spring Regatta9115Mike Holt4 (14)
2013North American Championship9115Mike HoltCarl Smit4 (27)
2013June Regatta9002Mike Holt2 (8)
2013World Championship9072Mike HoltCarl Smit4 (77)
2013Midwinter Championship0Mike HoltDustin Romey2 (0)
2012August Regatta9002Mike Holt1 (6)
2012UK National Championship9002Mike HoltCarl Smit2 (27)
2012World Championship9002Mike HoltRob Woelfel19 (188)
2012Pre-Worlds & French Nationals9002Mike HoltRob Woelfel10 (118)
2012June Regatta9002Mike Holt2 (13)
2012Cannes9002Mike HoltRob Woelfel3 (59)
2012EuroCup Ranking9002Mike HoltRob Woelfel40 (112)
2011North American Championship9002Jesse FalsoneMike Holt2 (32)
2011Fall Regatta9002Mike Holt1 (7)
2011European Championship9002Mike HoltCarl Smit12 (77)
2011UK National Championship9002Mike HoltCarl Smit2 (40)
2011Pre-Worlds9002Mike HoltCarl Smit10 (78)
2011World Championship9002Mike HoltCarl Smit2 (85)
2010UK National Championship9002Mike HoltNeil Fulcher4 (46)
2010International Sportboat Anarchy Festival9115Mike Holt3 (16)
2010World Championship9002Mike HoltCarl Smit21 (125)
2010North American Championship9002Mike HoltCarl Smit5 (23)
2010Summer Regatta8834Mike HoltCarl Smit2 (10)
2010Euro Cup – Riva del Garda9002Mike HoltCarl Smit9 (57)
2010EuroCup Ranking9002Mike HoltCarl Smit93 (203)
2009World Championship9002Mike HoltCarl Smit2 (98)
2009Pre-Worlds9002Mike HoltCarl Smit2 (69)
2009North American Championship8822Mike HoltBen Benjamin5 (32)
2009Kings of the Bay Regatta9002Mike HoltCarl Smit3 (22)
2008World Championship8822Mike HoltEdwards39 (123)
2007North American Championship8822Mike HoltIan Godfrey10 (30)
2007World Championship8822Mike HoltCarl Smit13 (92)
2007Pre-Worlds8822Mike HoltCarl Smit6 (86)
2006North American Championship8822Mike Holt5 (27)
2006Kings of the Bay Regatta8822Mike HoltCarl Smit2 (17)
2006World Championship8822Mike HoltCarl Smit12 (113)
2006Pre-Worlds & UK National Championship8822Mike HoltCarl Smit70 (76)
2006Thrilla in Cabrilla0Mike HoltCarl Smit5 (11)
2005World Championship8836Mike HoltNeil Fulcher23 (170)
2005North American Championship8822Mike HoltCarl Smit2 (37)
2004World Championship8822Mike HoltCarl Smit11 (102)
2004Pre-Worlds8822Mike HoltIan Godfrey7 (80)
2003Columbia Gorge One-Design Regatta7349Mike HoltCarl Smit6 (18)
2000World Championship8752Mike HoltIan Godfrey10 (61)
2000North American Championship7349Mike HoltJay Kuncl5 (45)
2000Short Course Championship8736Mike HoltIan Godfrey1 (17)
1999UK National Championship & European Cup8342Mike HoltPaul Beasley9 (50)
1999Weymouth Open8342Mike HoltIan Godfrey1 (20)
1999World Championship8342Mike HoltPaul Beasley16 (157)
1999Pre-Worlds8342Mike HoltPaul Beasley11 (88)
1999Short Course Championship8342Mike HoltPaul Beasley1 (20)
1999Southern Area Championship8342Mike HoltPaul Beasley8 (36)
1999Inland Championship8342Mike HoltPaul Beasley12 (40)
1999Championnat de France8342Mike HoltPaul Beasley7 (83)
1998Euro Cup – Hayling Island7018Mike HoltIan Godfrey7 (35)
1998Euro Cup – Ranking7018Mike Holt64 (171)
1997Pacific Coast Championship7349Mike HoltJay Kuncl3 (19)
1997St. Francis Regatta0Mike HoltJay Kuncl2 (12)
1996UK National Championship8497Mike HoltIan Godfrey10 (20)
1996Southern California Midwinters0Bruce EdwardsMike Holt2 (10)
1995Pacific Coast Championship0Mike HoltBrad Cole4 (24)
1995World Championship8497Mike HoltNeil Fulcher43 (106)
1993UK National Championship8380Mike Holt16 (104)
1993World Championship8380Mike HoltIan Godfrey10 (90)
1992World Championship8379Mike HoltNeil Fulcher7 (78)
1992UK National Championship8379Mike HoltNeil Fulcher1 (95)
1990UK National Championship8244Mike Holt5 (87)
1989UK National Championship8244Mike HoltSimon Rawlings60 (61)
1989World Championship8244Mike HoltNicholas Powell45 (90)
1988UK National Championship8027Mike HoltSimon Rawlings30 (97)
1987UK National Championship8027Mike HoltSimon Rawlings37 (87)
1986Euro Cup – Hayling Island843Mike Holt11 (64)
1986UK National Championship7429Simon RawlingsMike Holt84 (114)
1985UK National Championship7429Simon RawlingsMike Holt96 (110)
19938380Mike Holt16 (0)