Carl Smit



Regatta list

YearNameBoatHelmsmanCrewPlace (of)
2019Hayling Island9072Mike HoltCarl Smit5 (28)
2019North American Championship9202Mike HoltCarl Smit3 (39)
2019Campione del Garda9072Mike HoltCarl Smit1 (51)
2019Pre-Worlds9072Mike HoltCarl Smit2 (89)
2019World Championship9072Mike HoltCarl Smit2 (89)
2018East Coast Championships & Pumpkin Patch Regatta8951Mike HoltCarl Smit1 (24)
2018Hayling Island9072Mike HoltCarl Smit3 (28)
2018North American Championship9202Mike HoltCarl Smit10 (24)
2017World Championship9072Mike HoltCarl Smit1 (87)
2017Campione del Garda9072Mike HoltCarl Smit1 (45)
2016East Coast Championship8708Carl SmitMike Holt2 (34)
2016Pre-Worlds & UK National Championship9072Mike HoltCarl Smit2 (99)
2016World Championship9072Mike HoltCarl Smit2 (130)
2016North American Championship9115Mike HoltCarl Smit5 (49)
2016Hyères9072Mike HoltCarl Smit1 (50)
2016Florida Midwinter7346Zachary MarksCarl Smit10 (12)
2015North American Championship9115Mike HoltCarl Smit3 (33)
2015World Championship9072Mike HoltCarl Smit1 (36)
2015Pre-Worlds9072Mike HoltCarl Smit1 (33)
2015Midwinter Championship8838Mike HoltCarl Smit7 (14)
2013North American Championship9115Mike HoltCarl Smit4 (27)
2013World Championship9072Mike HoltCarl Smit4 (77)
2012UK National Championship9002Mike HoltCarl Smit2 (27)
2011UK National Championship9002Mike HoltCarl Smit2 (40)
2011World Championship9002Mike HoltCarl Smit2 (85)
2010World Championship9002Mike HoltCarl Smit21 (125)
2010North American Championship9002Mike HoltCarl Smit5 (23)
2010EuroCup Ranking9002Mike HoltCarl Smit93 (203)
2009World Championship9002Mike HoltCarl Smit2 (98)
2009Kings of the Bay Regatta9002Mike HoltCarl Smit3 (22)
2007World Championship8822Mike HoltCarl Smit13 (92)
2006Kings of the Bay Regatta8822Mike HoltCarl Smit2 (17)
2006World Championship8822Mike HoltCarl Smit12 (113)
2006Pre-Worlds & UK National Championship8822Mike HoltCarl Smit70 (76)
2006Thrilla in Cabrilla0Mike HoltCarl Smit5 (11)
2005North American Championship8822Mike HoltCarl Smit2 (37)
2004World Championship8822Mike HoltCarl Smit11 (102)
2003Columbia Gorge One-Design Regatta7349Mike HoltCarl Smit6 (18)
2001World Championship8631Ryan CoxCarl Smit21 (105)
2001Pre-Worlds8631Ryan CoxCarl Smit6 (34)
2001Spring #18631Ryan CoxCarl Smit5 (17)
2001St. Francis Spring Dinghy8631Ryan CoxCarl Smit5 (16)
2000North American Championship8631Ryan CoxCarl Smit8 (45)
2000Midwinter Championship8631Ryan CoxCarl Smit6 (16)
1997East Coast Championship8631Ryan CoxCarl Smit4 (23)
1997Region II Championship Ranking8631Ryan CoxCarl Smit14 (17)
1995East Coast Championship808Ryan CoxCarl Smit18 (23)