Harry Briddon


National Championship

Regatta list

YearNameBoatHelmsmanCrewPlace (of)
2024UK National and Open Championship9093Terry ScutcherHarry Briddon15 (26)
2024Euro Cup – Blue Garden Riva Cup9093Andy SmithHarry Briddon15 (41)
2023UK National Championship9093Terry ScutcherHarry Briddon7 (21)
2023Euro Cup – Riva del Garda9093Ewen BarryHarry Briddon5 (38)
2022World Championship9093Alex BarryHarry Briddon48 (76)
2022UK National Championship9093Alex BarryHarry Briddon3 (20)
2022Euro Cup – Riva del Garda9093Terry ScutcherHarry Briddon15 (34)
2022Euro Cup – Saint Raphaël9093Alex BarryHarry Briddon19 (33)
2022Ovington Inland Championship9093Alex BarryHarry Briddon5 (11)
2021Hayling Island9093Alex BarryHarry Briddon4 (15)
2021UK National Championship9093Terry ScutcherHarry Briddon20 (24)
2019Ovington Inlands9093Alex BarryHarry Briddon2 (8)
2019Pre-Worlds9203Nathan BatchelorHarry Briddon10 (89)
2019World Championship9203Nathan BatchelorHarry Briddon10 (89)
2018Hayling Island9177Thomas GillardHarry Briddon10 (28)
2018World Championship9177Thomas GillardHarry Briddon6 (127)
2018Pre-Worlds9177Thomas GillardHarry Briddon8 (129)
2018Euro Cup – Riva del Garda9177Thomas GillardHarry Briddon19 (56)
2018UK National Championship9177Thomas GillardHarry Briddon8 (27)
2018Cannes9177Thomas GillardHarry Briddon8 (38)
2017Ovington Inlands9177Tom WillwardHarry Briddon3 (14)
2017UK National Championship9177Thomas GillardHarry Briddon4 (29)
2017Championnat de France9177Thomas GillardHarry Briddon4 (52)
2017European Championship9177Thomas GillardHarry Briddon30 (94)
2017Kieler Woche9177Thomas GillardHarry Briddon16 (38)
2016Pre-Worlds & UK National Championship9104Harry BriddonAdam Kenney38 (99)
2016World Championship9104Harry BriddonAdam Kenney51 (130)
2016Kieler Woche9104Harry BriddonAdam Kenney26 (50)
2016Hyères9104Harry BriddonAdam Kenney16 (50)
2015European Championship9104Harry BriddonAdam Kenney61 (101)
2015UK National Championship9104Harry BriddonAdam Kenney19 (33)
2015Euro Cup – Riva del Garda9104Harry BriddonAdam Kenney15 (37)
2013World Championship8906Harry BriddonSimon Briddon46 (77)
2012Irish and British Isles Championship8906Harry BriddonAdam Kenney2 (13)
2012UK National Championship8906Harry BriddonSimon Briddon10 (27)
2011Inlands8906Harry BriddonSimon Briddon7 (20)
2011European Championship8906Harry BriddonSimon Briddon28 (77)
2011UK National Championship8906Harry BriddonSimon Briddon6 (40)
2011Euro Cup – Riva del Garda8906Harry BriddonSimon Briddon18 (54)
2011Winter Series8906Harry BriddonSimon Briddon7 (15)
2010UK National Championship8906Harry BriddonSimon Briddon9 (46)
2010Euro Cup – Riva del Garda8906Harry BriddonSimon Briddon16 (57)
2010EuroCup Ranking8906Harry BriddonSimon Briddon85 (203)
2009Coupe Nationale8906Harry BriddonSimon Briddon15 (62)
2008UK National Championship8906Harry BriddonSimon Briddon10 (40)
2008Irish Nationals and British Isles Championship8906Simon BriddonHarry Briddon3 (23)
2008Euro Cup – Riva del Garda8906Harry BriddonSimon Briddon29 (58)
2008EuroCup Ranking8906Harry BriddonSimon Briddon84 (130)
2007UK National Championship8906Harry BriddonSimon Briddon12 (30)
2007Euro Cup – Riva del Garda8906Harry BriddonSimon Briddon24 (47)
2007Inland Championship8906Harry BriddonSimon Briddon5 (6)
2007EuroCup Ranking8906Harry BriddonSimon Briddon78 (145)
2006World Championship8906Harry BriddonSimon Briddon104 (113)
2005UK National Championship8323Harry BriddonSimon Briddon18 (25)