Dennis Cartwright


National Championship

Regatta list

YearNameBoatHelmsmanCrewPlace (of)
2013World Championship8497Bill HootonDennis Cartwright65 (77)
2012UK National Championship8497Bill HootonDennis Cartwright21 (27)
2011UK National Championship8497Tim BirdDennis Cartwright28 (40)
2011Euro Cup – Riva del Garda8881Roger DeaneDennis Cartwright42 (54)
2010Irish Nationals and British Isles Championship8497Colin BarryDennis Cartwright3 (12)
2010UK National Championship8497Roger DeaneDennis Cartwright25 (46)
2010World Championship8497Roger DeaneDennis Cartwright66 (125)
2010Euro Cup – Riva del Garda8497Roger DeaneDennis Cartwright38 (57)
2010EuroCup Ranking8497Roger DeaneDennis Cartwright56 (203)
2008World Championship8497Arthur GeorgeDennis Cartwright98 (123)
2008World Championship8497Arthur GeorgeDennis Cartwright98 (123)
2008UK National Championship8497Arthur GeorgeDennis Cartwright37 (40)
2008Irish Nationals and British Isles Championship8497Dennis CartwrightArthur George10 (23)
2007UK National Championship8497Arthur GeorgeDennis Cartwright16 (30)
2006World Championship8497Bill OliverDennis Cartwright79 (113)
2006Pre-Worlds & UK National Championship8497Bill OliverDennis Cartwright69 (76)
2006Northern Area Championship8497Bill OliverDennis Cartwright5 (6)
2004UK National Championship8497John HowlettDennis Cartwright23 (46)
2003UK National Championship8497John HowlettDennis Cartwright20 (27)
1998Open Meeting8213Robert BurdekinDennis Cartwright10 (18)
20108497Roger DeaneDennis Cartwright38 (0)
20118881Roger DeaneDennis Cartwright42 (0)