Boat details

Year of building2007
Hull manufacturer
  • Douglas McKeigh
  • Regatta list

    YearNameHelmsmanCrewPlace (of)
    2020East Coast ChampionshipDuane DelfosseTom Hurwitch11 (14)
    2020Wickford RegattaDuane DelfosseTom Hurwitch3 (5)
    2020Newport Dinghy RegattaDuane DelfosseTom Hurwitch3 (8)
    2019Newport RegattaDuane Delfosse6 (9)
    2019Wickford RegattaSolomon Marini4 (11)
    2019Region Two ChampionshipDuane Delfosse14 (14)
    2019North American ChampionshipDuane DelfosseSolomon Marini20 (39)
    2019East Coast Championships & Buzzards Bay RegattaDuane Delfosse6 (13)
    2018Eastern Canadian ChampionshipDuane DelfosseSolomon Marini4 (13)
    2018Buzzards Bay RegattaDuane Delfosse2 (10)
    2018Newport RegattaDuane Delfosse6 (9)
    2018East Coast Championships & Pumpkin Patch RegattaDuane DelfosseSolomon Marini9 (24)
    2017Buzzards Bay RegattaDuane Delfosse3 (5)
    2017East Coast ChampionshipDuane DelfosseSolomon Marini7 (23)
    2017Newport RegattaDuane Delfosse3 (7)
    2017World ChampionshipDuane DelfosseSolomon Marini53 (87)
    2017North American ChampionshipDuane DelfosseStuart Park16 (25)
    2016East Coast ChampionshipDuane DelfosseTom Hurwitch24 (34)
    2016North American ChampionshipDuane DelfosseSolomon Marini25 (49)
    2016Heineken High Performance Dinghy OpenDuane Delfosse5 (11)
    2016Region One ChampionshipDuane Delfosse5 (11)
    2016Newport RegattaDuane DelfosseSolomon Marini5 (11)
    2015Heineken High Performance Dinghy OpenSolomon Marini6 (14)
    2014Heineken High Performance Dinghy OpenTed FerraroneMatt Kaplan(17)/Henry Fernberger(18)3 (14)
    2013Heineken High Performance Dinghy OpenTed FerraroneSimon Gerson3 (14)
    2012East Coast ChampionshipTed FerraroneSimon Gerson7 (21)
    2012Heineken High Performance Dinghy OpenTed Ferrarone5 (16)
    2011East Coast ChampionshipTed FerraroneJesse Falsone3 (16)
    2011Heineken High Performance Dinghy OpenTed Ferrarone3 (25)
    2011North American ChampionshipTed FerraroneDouglas McKeigh10 (32)
    2011Buzzards Bay RegattaTed Ferrarone3 (16)
    2010North American ChampionshipParker ShinDouglas McKeigh2 (23)
    2010Heineken High Performance Dinghy OpenTed Ferrarone2 (17)
    2010EuroCup RankingTed FerraroneDouglas McKeigh100 (203)
    2010World ChampionshipTed FerraroneDouglas McKeigh28 (125)
    2009Kings of the Bay RegattaTed FerraroneDouglas McKeigh14 (22)