Boat details

Year of building2004
Hull manufacturer
NameEpileptic Octopus
  • Mark Stowell
  • Regatta list

    YearNameHelmsmanCrewPlace (of)
    2023Australian ChampionshipNicholas MarianiAlexander Thomson16 (37)
    2022State ChampionshipNicholas MarianiAlexander Thomson5 (9)
    2021WA Not the Nationals SeriesNicholas MarianiAlexander Thomson4 (11)
    2021Sail FreoNicholas MarianiAlexander Thomson2 (12)
    2020Australian ChampionshipNicholas MarianiAlexander Thomson11 (33)
    2020State ChampionshipNicholas MarianiAlexander Thomson3 (10)
    2020Sail FreoNicholas MarianiAlexander Thomson3 (10)
    2020Dinghy Racing Summer Consistency Series 2020-21Nicholas MarianiAlexander Thomson3 (10)
    2019World ChampionshipNicholas MarianiAlexander Thomson41 (89)
    2019Pre-WorldsNicholas MarianiAlexander Thomson33 (89)
    2018Australian ChampionshipNicholas MarianiAlexander Thomson24 (40)
    2017Sail Fremantle RegattaNicholas MarianiAndrew Cawley6 (5)
    2016Western Australia State ChampionshipShane AttwellMark Stowell3 (7)
    2015Western Australia State ChampionshipMark StowellPatrick Atwell / Craig Mann5 (12)
    2012Pre-Worlds & French NationalsMarcos VivianSoggy Pidsley101 (118)
    2012World ChampionshipMark StowellShane Attwell58 (188)
    2012Pre-Worlds & French NationalsMark StowellShane Attwell56 (118)
    2009World ChampionshipMarcos VivianLuke Payne63 (98)
    2008European ChampionshipMark StowellScott Bailey29 (69)
    2008World ChampionshipMark StowellScott Bailey78 (123)
    2007World ChampionshipMark StowellAnthony Dean35 (92)
    2007Pre-WorldsMark StowellAnthony Dean25 (86)
    2005World ChampionshipMark StowellScott Bailey67 (170)
    2005Pre-WorldsMark StowellScott Bailey99 (114)
    2004World ChampionshipMichael DuffieldAnthony Gaunt54 (102)