Boat details

Hull manufacturer
Hull materialsome carbon
  • Mark Upton-Brown
  • Jim Blyth
  • Mick O’Brien 2007 - ?
  • Regatta list

    YearNameHelmsmanCrewPlace (of)
    2012Irish and British Isles ChampionshipsMichael O’BrienColin Barry9 (13)
    2011UK National ChampionshipMick O’BrienJohn O’Gorman33 (40)
    2010Irish Nationals and British Isles ChampionshipsMichael O’BrienJohn O’Gorman7 (12)
    2010UK National ChampionshipMichael O’BrienJohn O’Gorman29 (46)
    2008Irish Nationals and British Isles ChampionshipsMichael O’BrienJohn O’Gorman21 (23)
    2008UK National ChampionshipMichael O’BrienJohn O’Gorman34 (40)
    2007Lo Flo 5o5 April LeagueMichael O’BrienJohn O’Gorman3 (6)
    2007UK National ChampionshipMichael O’BrienJohn O’Gorman24 (30)
    2006World ChampionshipJim BlythDonald Aitken58 (113)
    2006Northern Area ChampionshipJim BlythDanny Read2 (6)
    2004World ChampionshipRussell ShortAndrew Short48 (102)
    2004Open meetingRussell ShortAndrew Short4 (8)
    2004UK National ChampionshipRussell ShortAndrew Short7 (46)
    2003UK National ChampionshipRussell ShortAndrew Short4 (27)
    2003Open MeetingRussell ShortAndrew Short6 (11)
    2003Open MeetingRussell ShortAndrew Short1 (9)
    2002Hayling IslandRussell ShortAndrew Short3 (24)
    2002World ChampionshipRussell ShortAndrew Short41 (98)
    2002Open MeetingRussell ShortAndrew Short15 (19)
    2001World ChampionshipRussell ShortAndrew Short66 (105)
    2001South East ChampionshipsAndrew ShortRussell Short14 (21)
    2001UK National ChampionshipRussell ShortAndrew Short12 (29)
    1999Championnat de FranceMark Upton-BrownDan Johnson5 (83)
    1999World ChampionshipMark Upton-BrownIan Mitchell8 (157)
    1999Inland ChampionshipMark Upton-BrownIan Mitchell1 (40)
    1999UK National Championship & European CupMark Upton-BrownIan Mitchell2 (50)
    1999Southern Area ChampionshipsMark Upton-BrownIan Mitchell3 (36)
    1999Pre-WorldsMark Upton-BrownIan Mitchell3 (88)
    1998Inland ChampionshipMark Upton-BrownIan Mitchell2 (0)
    1998Hayling IslandMark Upton-BrownIan Mitchell1 (35)
    1998EuroCup RankingMark Upton-Brown1 (171)
    1998NieuwpoortMark Upton-BrownIan Mitchell6 (39)
    1998World ChampionshipMark Upton-BrownIan Mitchell6 (106)
    1998UK National ChampionshipMark Upton-BrownIan Mitchell1 (39)
    1998North American ChampionshipMark Upton-Brown3 (89)
    1998Campione del GardaMark Upton-BrownIan Mitchell1 (36)
    1998CavalaireMark Upton-BrownIan Mitchell4 (92)
    1997Inland ChampionshipMark Upton-BrownIan Mitchell2 (60)
    1997Pre-Worlds & Danish ChampionshipMark Upton-BrownIan Mitchell6 (70)
    1997CavalaireMark Upton-BrownIan Mitchell1 (84)
    1997World ChampionshipMark Upton-BrownIan Mitchell1 (79)
    1996Pre-WorldsMark Upton-BrownNigel John Vooght5 (98)
    1996World ChampionshipMark Upton-BrownNigel John Vooght8 (96)
    1995World ChampionshipMark Upton-BrownNigel John Vooght21 (106)