Boat details

Hull manufacturer
Hull materialHoneycomb
  • Jeff Miller
  • Ian O’Leary
  • Regatta list

    YearNameHelmsmanCrewPlace (of)
    2023Columbia Gorge One-Design RegattaIan O’LearyDeclan O'Leary17 (18)
    2023Pre-Worlds & North American ChampionshipIan O’LearyNat Burk48 (60)
    2023June RegattaIan O’Leary13 (15)
    2023Pacific Coast ChampionshipIan O’LearyNat Butler19 (20)
    2023World ChampionshipIan O’LearyNat Burk57 (59)
    2023Elvstrom ZellerbachIan O’Leary11 (11)
    2022World ChampionshipIan O’LearyMatt Merchant71 (76)
    2022Spring DinghyIan O’LearyJv Gilmore9 (10)
    2022Spring RegattaIan O’LearyMatt Na12 (12)
    2022Pre-WorldsIan O’LearyMatt Merchant60 (70)
    2022Pacific Coast ChampionshipPatrick Weaver26 (26)
    2022Fall DinghyIan O’LearyPatrick Weaver12 (11)
    2021Santa Cruz Fall RegattaSteve AnderesNathan De Vries7 (7)
    2017Dolphin CupHarrison TurnerHolt Condon9 (15)
    2016Spring DinghyJackson BenvenuttiHarrison Turner7 (14)
    2015Santa Cruz September RegattaHarrison Turner2 (3)
    2014North American ChampionshipParker ShinJeffrey Nelson7 (40)
    2013June RegattaJeff Miller3 (8)
    2012June RegattaJeff Miller3 (13)
    2011Spring DinghyJeff MillerMike Smith2 (4)
    2011Fall RegattaJeff Miller3 (7)
    2011Pre-WorldsJeff MillerMike Smith58 (78)
    2011World ChampionshipJeff MillerMike Smith23 (85)
    2010Summer RegattaJeff MillerStuart Park3 (10)
    2010World ChampionshipJeff MillerStuart Park49 (125)
    2010North American ChampionshipJeff MillerPat Diola8 (23)
    2010EuroCup RankingJeff MillerStuart Park131 (203)
    2010Pre-WorldsJeff MillerMike Smith15 (77)
    2009North American ChampionshipJeff MillerMike Smith9 (32)
    2009Kings of the Bay RegattaJeff MillerMike Smith12 (22)
    2009Pre-WorldsJeff MillerMike Smith16 (69)
    2009World ChampionshipJeff MillerMike Smith23 (98)
    2008European ChampionshipJeff MillerMike Smith14 (69)
    2008Pre-Worlds & EuroCup FinaleJeff MillerDavid Bell14 (69)
    2008World ChampionshipJeff MillerMike Smith41 (123)
    2007North American ChampionshipJeff MillerPaul Allen5 (30)
    2004Pre-WorldsJeff MillerJeffrey Nelson22 (80)
    2004World ChampionshipJeff MillerBell17 (102)
    2003Pacific Coast ChampionshipJeff MillerPaul Allen5 (22)
    2001Spring #1Jeff MillerJeffrey Nelson4 (17)
    2001World ChampionshipJeff MillerJeffrey Nelson22 (105)
    2000North American ChampionshipJeff MillerPaul Allen7 (45)
    2000Santa Cruz YC RegattaJeff MillerPaul Allen7 (11)
    2000Spring DinghyJeff MillerPaul Allen5 (17)
    2000Santa Cruz One Design Spring OpenJeff MillerPaul Allen5 (17)
    2000Pacific Coast ChampionshipJeff MillerPaul Allen8 (29)
    1999Richmond RegattaJeff MillerChris Hanke7 (10)
    1999Richmond YC Spring Small Boat InviteJeff MillerChris Hanke7 (10)
    1998Kitsilano Invitational RegattaDean13 (14)
    1998Richmond High Performance InvitationalJeff MillerJim Wondoleck2 (14)
    1997North American ChampionshipJeff MillerBruce Heckman4 (35)
    1997Southern California MidwintersJeff MillerBruce Heckman2 (10)
    1997Pacific Coast ChampionshipJeff MillerBruce Heckman2 (19)
    1997St. Francis RegattaJeff MillerBruce Heckman3 (12)
    1996Southern California MidwintersBruce HeckmanJeff Miller4 (10)
    1996Pacific Coast ChampionshipJeff MillerBruce Heckman2 (10)
    1996St. Francis Spring DinghyJeff MillerBruce Heckman2 (12)
    1996St. Francis RegattaJeff MillerBruce Heckman1 (14)
    1995Pacific Coast ChampionshipJeff MillerBruce Heckman5 (24)
    1992World ChampionshipJeff MillerBruce Heckman6 (78)
    1990World ChampionshipJeff MillerBruce Heckman17 (76)
    1989World ChampionshipJeff MillerBruce Heckman13 (90)
    1988World ChampionshipJeff MillerBruce Heckman6 (90)
    1987World ChampionshipJeff MillerJim Maloney6 (74)