Mike Smith

Regatta list

YearNameBoatHelmsmanCrewPlace (of)
2021Fall Dinghy9106Michael MartinMike Smith5 (7)
2004Pre-Worlds8731Thad LiebMike Smith47 (80)
2003Columbia Gorge One-Design Regatta8731Thad LiebMike Smith8 (18)
2003Pacific Coast Championship8731Thad LiebMike Smith9 (22)
2002Pre-Worlds8731Thad LiebMike Smith36 (93)
2002World Championship8731Thad LiebMike Smith38 (98)
2001World Championship8012Henry AmthorMike Smith47 (105)
2001North American Championship8012Henry AmthorMike Smith8 (35)
2001Falmouth High Performance Regatta8012Henry AmthorMike Smith4 (0)
2000Pacific Coast Championship8012Henry AmthorMike Smith9 (29)
1998St Francis Regatta0Mike SmithJohan Backsin8 (15)
1997Pacific Coast Championship8593Johan BacksinMike Smith9 (19)
1997North American Championship8593Johan BacksinMike Smith19 (35)
1997St. Francis Regatta8593Johan BacksinMike Smith9 (12)
1997Southern California Midwinters8593Johan BacksinMike Smith5 (10)
1995Hampton Trapeze7879Jonathan PhillipsMike Smith3 (0)
1992World Championship8263Alexander “Ali” MellerMike Smith23 (78)
1991East Coast Championship8263Alexander “Ali” MellerMike Smith5 (15)
2004Pre-Worlds8012Henry AmthorMike Smith25 (80)
2021Santa Cruz Fall Regatta7200Alexander “Ali” MellerMike Smith4 (7)
2021North American Championship8841Alexander “Ali” MellerMike Smith24 (31)
2021Elvstrom Zellerbach7200Alexander “Ali” MellerMike Smith5 (6)
2013World Championship9082Jeff MillerMike Smith77 (77)
2011Pre-Worlds7875Jeff MillerMike Smith58 (78)
2011World Championship7875Jeff MillerMike Smith23 (85)
2011Spring Dinghy7875Jeff MillerMike Smith2 (4)
2010Pre-Worlds7875Jeff MillerMike Smith15 (77)
2009World Championship7875Jeff MillerMike Smith23 (98)
2009Pre-Worlds7875Jeff MillerMike Smith16 (69)
2009North American Championship7875Jeff MillerMike Smith9 (32)
2009Kings of the Bay Regatta7875Jeff MillerMike Smith12 (22)
2008World Championship7875Jeff MillerMike Smith41 (123)
2008European Championship7875Jeff MillerMike Smith14 (69)
2006Kings of the Bay Regatta8731Thad LiebMike Smith6 (17)
2004World Championship8731Thad LiebMike Smith47 (102)
2004Kings of the Bay Regatta8731Thad LiebMike Smith7 (14)
1990World Championship8263Alexander “Ali” MellerMike Smith21 (76)