Brian Haines


World Champ

Regatta list

YearNameBoatHelmsmanCrewPlace (of)
2021North American Championship90Edward ConradsBrian Haines23 (31)
2019World Championship9208Edward ConradsBrian Haines19 (89)
2019Pre-Worlds9208Edward ConradsBrian Haines16 (89)
2018Euro Cup – Riva del Garda9208Edward ConradsBrian Haines12 (56)
2017World Championship9091Edward ConradsBrian Haines4 (87)
2016Spring Dinghy9091Brian HainesEdward Conrads3 (14)
2015World Championship9091Edward ConradsBrian Haines3 (36)
2015Pre-Worlds9091Edward ConradsBrian Haines6 (33)
2013World Championship9091Edward ConradsBrian Haines9 (77)
2012World Championship9091Edward ConradsBrian Haines11 (188)
2012Kieler Woche8878Edward ConradsBrian Haines7 (51)
2012EuroCup Ranking9091Edward ConradsBrian Haines42 (112)
2011Pre-Worlds8878Edward ConradsBrian Haines5 (78)
2011World Championship8878Edward ConradsBrian Haines6 (85)
2010World Championship8878Edward ConradsBrian Haines12 (125)
2010Pre-Worlds8878Edward ConradsBrian Haines10 (77)
2010EuroCup Ranking8878Edward ConradsBrian Haines81 (203)
2009World Championship8554Edward ConradsBrian Haines30 (98)
2009Kings of the Bay Regatta887Edward ConradsBrian Haines17 (22)