Boat details

Year of building2005
Hull manufacturer
  • Paul von Grey
  • Dan Ginther 2005 - ?
  • Regatta list

    YearNameHelmsmanCrewPlace (of)
    2019Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaDan Ginther8 (16)
    2018Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaPiper DunlapDan Ginther5 (17)
    2018Kitsilano Invitational RegattaPiper DunlapDan Ginther3 (8)
    2017Kitsilano Invitational RegattaKatherine LongDan Ginther3 (14)
    2016Pre-Worlds & UK National ChampionshipCody KowalskiDan Ginther66 (99)
    2016Kitsilano Invitational RegattaCody KowalskiDan Ginther5 (9)
    2016North American ChampionshipCody KowalskiDan Ginther26 (49)
    2016World ChampionshipCody KowalskiDan Ginther97 (130)
    2016Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaPiper DunlapLucas Hurt11 (21)
    2015Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaCody KowalskiJon Henderson3 (17)
    2015Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaPiper DunlapDan Ginther8 (17)
    2014Columbia Gorge One-Design RegattaPiper Dunlap10 (10)
    2014Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaPiper Dunlap7 (19)
    2014Canadian ChampionshipPiper DunlapDan Ginther4 (14)
    2014North American ChampionshipPiper DunlapDan Ginther25 (40)
    2014Dinghy’s Whidbey Island Race WeekDan Ginther7 (10)
    2013Pacific Coast ChampionshpsPiper DunlapDan Ginther7 (16)
    2013Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaPiper Dunlap5 (12)
    2012Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaPiper Dunlap5 (9)
    2012Dinghy’s Whidbey Island Race WeekPiper Dunlap7 (10)
    2011Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaErik Coburn6 (12)
    2009Seattle One-design Centerboard and Keelboat SeriesDan Ginther4 (10)
    2009Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaPiper DunlapDan Ginther5 (13)
    2008Fleet Champs South courseDan Ginther4 (4)
    2006Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaCharlie DoreDan Dore2 (5)