Boat details

Year of building2005
Hull manufacturer
  • Paul von Grey
  • Dan Ginther 2005 - ?
  • Regatta list

    YearNameHelmsmanCrewPlace (of)
    2022Stuart SinclairPiper DunlapDan Ginther5 (15)
    2021Stuart SinclairPiper DunlapDan Ginther4 (9)
    2019Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaDan Ginther8 (16)
    2018Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaPiper DunlapDan Ginther5 (17)
    2018Kitsilano Invitational RegattaPiper DunlapDan Ginther3 (8)
    2017Kitsilano Invitational RegattaKatherine LongDan Ginther3 (14)
    2016World ChampionshipCody KowalskiDan Ginther97 (130)
    2016Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaPiper DunlapLucas Hurt11 (21)
    2016Pre-Worlds & UK National ChampionshipCody KowalskiDan Ginther66 (99)
    2016Kitsilano Invitational RegattaCody KowalskiDan Ginther5 (9)
    2016North American ChampionshipCody KowalskiDan Ginther26 (49)
    2015Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaCody KowalskiJon Henderson3 (17)
    2015Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaPiper DunlapDan Ginther8 (17)
    2014Canadian ChampionshipPiper DunlapDan Ginther4 (14)
    2014North American ChampionshipPiper DunlapDan Ginther25 (40)
    2014Dinghy’s Whidbey Island Race WeekDan Ginther7 (10)
    2014Columbia Gorge One-Design RegattaPiper Dunlap10 (10)
    2014Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaPiper Dunlap7 (19)
    2013Pacific Coast ChampionshpsPiper DunlapDan Ginther7 (16)
    2013Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaPiper Dunlap5 (12)
    2012Dinghy’s Whidbey Island Race WeekPiper Dunlap7 (10)
    2012Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaPiper Dunlap5 (9)
    2011Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaErik Coburn6 (12)
    2009Seattle One-design Centerboard and Keelboat SeriesDan Ginther4 (10)
    2009Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaPiper DunlapDan Ginther5 (13)
    2008Fleet Champs South courseDan Ginther4 (4)
    2006Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaCharlie DoreDan Dore2 (5)