Boat details

Year of building2000
Hull manufacturer
Hull materialall carbon/vinylester
  • Matthew Hansen
  • Brian Trainor 2003 - ?
  • Regatta list

    YearNameHelmsmanCrewPlace (of)
    2019Kitsilano Invitational RegattaBrian TrainorHenrik Parker5 (10)
    2018Kitsilano Invitational RegattaBrian TrainorEvan Jennings7 (8)
    2018Canadian ChampionshipBrian TrainorEvan Jennings8 (10)
    2018Midwinters Regatta ABYCBrian Trainor1 (2)
    2017World ChampionshipBrian TrainorMike Poulos81 (87)
    2017Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaBrian TrainorChris Madin12 (15)
    2017Kitsilano Invitational RegattaBrian TrainorEvan Jennings8 (14)
    2016Pre-Worlds & UK National ChampionshipBrian TrainorEvan Jennings73 (99)
    2016Kitsilano Invitational RegattaBrian TrainorEvan Jennings7 (9)
    2016North American ChampionshipBrian TrainorEvan Jennings38 (49)
    2016Spring DinghyBrian TrainorEvan Jennings12 (14)
    2016Canadian ChampionshipBrian TrainorEvan Jennings5 (11)
    2016Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaBrian TrainorEvan Jennings8 (21)
    2016World ChampionshipBrian TrainorEvan Jennings107 (130)
    2016Western Australia State ChampionshipBen RowdenPatrick Atwell6 (7)
    2015Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaBrian TrainorEvan Jennings9 (17)
    2015Spring DinghyBrian Trainor9 (12)
    2014Canadian ChampionshipBrian TrainorEvan Jennings9 (14)
    2014Dinghy’s Whidbey Island Race WeekBrian Trainor3 (10)
    2014North American ChampionshipBrian TrainorEvan Jennings26 (40)
    2014Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaBrian Trainor9 (19)
    2013Pacific Coast ChampionshpsBrian TrainorEvan Jennings5 (16)
    2013Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaBrian Trainor9 (12)
    2012World ChampionshipBrian TrainorEvan Jennings111 (188)
    2012Pre-WorldsBrian TrainorEvan Jennings65 (118)
    2012Pre-WorldsNicolas GuillouHenry Chevet66 (118)
    2011Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaBrian Trainor5 (12)
    2010Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaBrian Trainor6 (11)
    2009Seattle One-design Centerboard and Keelboat SeriesBrian Trainor9 (10)
    2009Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaBrian TrainorEvan Jennings7 (13)
    2007Pre-WorldsBrian TrainorKarl Oswald81 (86)
    2007World ChampionshipBrian TrainorKarl Oswald86 (92)
    2005SOCKSBrian Trainor6 (9)
    2005North American ChampionshipBrian TrainorEvan Jennings28 (37)
    2004World ChampionshipBrian TrainorKarl Oswald79 (102)
    2002World ChampionshipBrian TrainorRichard McDonald98 (98)
    2001World ChampionshipMatthew HansenAnthony Dean49 (105)
    2000World ChampionshipMatthew HansenRoss Brennan38 (61)