repainted ’96

Boat details

Year of building1986
Hull manufacturer
Hull materialPVC foam core
  • Jack Ronda
  • Steve Anderes
  • Regatta list

    YearNameHelmsmanCrewPlace (of)
    2022Spring RegattaSteve AnderesNathan De Vries11 (12)
    2021St. Francis Fall Dinghy RegattaSteve AnderesNathan De Vries7 (7)
    2021Santa Cruz Summer RegattaSteve Anderes13 (13)
    2020Santa Cruz Fall RegattaSteve Anderes7 (7)
    2019Santa Cruz Summer OpenSteve AnderesIan O’Leary6 (8)
    2019Santa Cruz Fall RegattaSteve AnderesElsa Balton6 (6)
    2018North American ChampionshipSteve AnderesMike Jue21 (24)
    2018Santa Cruz Summer RegattaSteve Anderes8 (9)
    2018Santa Cruz RegattaSteve Anderes9 (10)
    2017Dolphin CupSteve AnderesMatt Elliot15 (15)
    2017Pacific Coast ChampionshipSteve Anderes19 (21)
    2017Santa Cruz RegattaSteve Anderes6 (6)
    2016Santa Cruz RegattaSteve Anderes9 (9)
    2014North American ChampionshipSteve AnderesMike Jue28 (40)
    2014Spring RegattaSteve Anderes10 (14)
    2011Fall RegattaSteve Anderes6 (7)
    2010Summer RegattaSteve AnderesMike Jue7 (10)
    2009World ChampionshipKirk TwardowskiSteve Anderes88 (98)
    2009Kings of the Bay RegattaSteve AnderesDave Matthews16 (22)
    2004World ChampionshipSteve AnderesKirk Twardowski75 (102)
    2000North American ChampionshipSteve AnderesBruce Fleming30 (45)
    2000Santa Cruz One Design Spring OpenSteve Anderes15 (17)
    1998Spring DinghySteve AnderesBruce Fleming9 (11)
    1998Richmond High Performance InvitationalSteve AnderesBruce Fleming10 (14)
    1998North American ChampionshipSteve Anderes90 (89)
    1998World ChampionshipSteve AnderesBruce Fleming93 (106)
    1998Pacific Coast ChampionshipBruce FlemingSteve Anderes11 (18)
    1997Pacific Coast ChampionshipEric WillisWendy Herzberg17 (19)
    1992World ChampionshipAnderesSteinbroner56 (78)
    1990World ChampionshipKalsaEichhorn47 (76)