Boat details

Hull manufacturer
Hull materialhoneycomb
NameGummy de Milo
  • Rich Butler
  • Dave Wahle
  • Mike Martin
  • Andy Beeckman & Ben Benjamin
  • Chuck Tripp
  • Bertrand Loyal 2007 - ?
  • Gary Frost
  • Regatta list

    YearNameHelmsmanCrewPlace (of)
    2022Pre-WorldsBrian JonesGary Frost67 (70)
    2022Gold CupMatthieu DevauxPhilippe Dubuc7 (12)
    2022World ChampionshipBrian JonesGary Frost70 (76)
    2017UK National ChampionshipJean-Claude AncelotLeroy Riwanon21 (29)
    2012Irish and British Isles ChampionshipBrian JonesGary Frost3 (13)
    2012World ChampionshipBrian JonesGary Frost139 (188)
    2011Jericho ClassicBogdan IstrouteAdam Goodesham3 (4)
    2011UK National ChampionshipBrian JonesGary Frost26 (40)
    2010Euro Cup – Riva del GardaBrian JonesGary Frost37 (57)
    2010Irish Nationals and British Isles ChampionshipBrian JonesGary Frost5 (12)
    2010Brian JonesGary Frost37 (0)
    2010UK National ChampionshipBrian JonesGary Frost21 (46)
    2010EuroCup RankingBrian JonesGary Frost113 (203)
    2008Bertrand LoyalXavier deTappe10 (0)
    2008World ChampionshipBertrand LoyalXavier deTappe61 (123)
    2008World ChampionshipBertrand LoyalXavier deTappe61 (123)
    2008Euro Cup – Riva del GardaBertrand LoyalXavier deTappe10 (58)
    2008EuroCup RankingBertrand LoyalXavier deTappe56 (130)
    2008Kieler WocheBertrand LoyalXavier deTappe16 (52)
    2007Pre-WorldsAmi TaugherAmi Trip12 (86)
    2007World ChampionshipKevin TaugherJon Bell6 (92)
    2006Kings of the Bay RegattaKevin TaugherJon Bell3 (17)
    2006North American ChampionshipKevin Taugher3 (27)
    2006Thrilla in CabrillaKevin TaugherJon Bell4 (11)
    2005North American ChampionshipKevin TaugherChuck Tripp9 (37)
    2004Pre-WorldsKevin TaugherChuck Tripp50 (80)
    2004Pre-WorldsAndrew BeeckmanBen Benjamin53 (80)
    2004World ChampionshipKevin TaugherChuck Tripp14 (102)
    2004World ChampionshipKevin TaugherChuck Tripp14 (102)
    2003Pacific Coast ChampionshipKevin TaugherJorge Suarez - Fri. Chuck Tripp8 (22)
    2002World ChampionshipAndy BeeckmanBen Benjamin6 (98)
    2001St. Francis Spring DinghyAndy BeeckmanBen Benjamin2 (16)
    2001Pre-WorldsAndy BeeckmanBen Benjamin11 (34)
    2001World ChampionshipAndy BeeckmanBen Benjamin17 (105)
    2001Spring #1Andy BeeckmanBen Benjamin2 (17)
    2001Invitational RegattaAndy BeeckmanBen Benjamin2 (13)
    2000North American ChampionshipAndy BeeckmanBen Benjamin21 (45)
    2000Santa Cruz One Design Spring OpenAndy BeeckmanBen Benjamin11 (17)
    2000Hi-Per/Spring Dinghy RegattaAndy BeeckmanGraham Shelter1 (12)
    2000Santa Cruz YC RegattaAndy BeeckmanBen Benjamin5 (11)
    2000East Coast ChampionshipChad AtkinsEd Petit de Mange18 (24)
    2000Richmond Small Boat InviteBen BenjaminAndy Beeckman2 (9)
    2000World ChampionshipAndy BeeckmanBen Benjamin6 (61)
    2000Pacific Coast ChampionshipAndy BeeckmanBen Benjamin4 (29)
    2000Richmond Spring InviteAndy BeeckmanJeffrey Nelson5 (14)
    1999Pre-WorldsAndy BeeckmanBen Benjamin51 (88)
    1999Oak Harbour RegattaPaul S.2 (7)
    1999Richmond RegattaAndy BeeckmanGraham Shelter1 (10)
    1999Richmond YC Spring Small Boat InviteAndy BeeckmanGraham Shelter1 (10)
    1999North American ChampionshipHoward HamlinMike Martin1 (14)
    1999World ChampionshipAndy BeeckmanBen Benjamin2 (157)
    1999West Coast MidwintersAndy BeeckmanBen Benjamin3 (5)
    1999Hi-PerAndy BeeckmanDon Smith2 (6)
    1998West River SpringTim CollinsBill Smith2 (10)
    1998North American ChampionshipHoward Hamlin20 (89)
    1998Hiper regattaMike MartinHoward Hamlin2 (11)
    1998European ChampionshipHoward HamlinMike Martin5 (36)
    1998World ChampionshipHoward HamlinMike Martin2 (106)
    1998ABYC Memorial Day RegattaHoward HamlinMike Martin1 (12)
    1998St Francis RegattaMike MartinHoward Hamlin1 (15)
    1998Santa Cruz Spring Open RegattaMike MartinHoward Hamlin1 (15)
    1997Southern California MidwintersHoward HamlinMike Martin1 (10)
    1997St. Francis RegattaHoward HamlinMike Martin1 (12)
    1996North American ChampionshipHoward HamlinMike Martin1 (34)
    1996St. Francis Spring DinghyPete MelvinMike Martin3 (12)
    1996Fall DinghyHoward HamlinMike Martin1 (10)
    1996Pre-WorldsJeff MillerMike Martin9 (98)
    1996St. Francis RegattaHoward HamlinMike Martin2 (14)
    1996Southern California MidwintersMike MartinRobin Brown1 (10)
    1996World ChampionshipJeff MillerMike Martin5 (96)
    1995Pacific Coast ChampionshipPete MelvinMike Martin1 (24)
    1995Canadian ChampionshipHoward HamlinMike Martin5 (22)
    1995North American ChampionshipHoward HamlinMike Martin2 (26)
    1992World ChampionshipCamilliChauvet46 (78)